The President played all the old hits at his rally, bashing Hillary Clinton, jabbing 'fake news,' invoking fear over immigrants and marveling at his election win

President Donald Trump revived the greatest political show on Earth on Tuesday night.

The President railed against illegal immigration, painted Democrats as hateful socialists and even went after his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton

President Donald Trump formally launched his reelection campaign Tuesday night, rallying supporters with a speech that made clear he plans to run on the same formula that narrowly delivered him the presidency in 2016.

In his official campaign kickoff speech, the President repeatedly slammed Hillary Clinton and made two brief references to 2020 rival Joe Biden

Hillary Clinton's brother Tony Rodham dies

Hillary Clinton’s brother Tony Rodham has died, the former Democratic presidential candidate announced Saturday on Twitter.

Ex-Clinton aide: Biden's stance on key issue is shocking

Former Hillary Clinton aide Jess McIntosh calls 2020 hopeful Joe Biden’s position on a key abortion rights issue “shocking” as the former Vice President is facing criticism on a number of issues from his past.

Hear what McConnell said in 2016

Mitch McConnell says the Senate will not confirm Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland even if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.

Watch Hillary Clinton read Mueller report

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton read parts of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report aloud during a segment on Jordan Klepper’s Comedy Central show.

Bernie Sanders is the new #1 Democrat in our 2020 rankings

Bernie Sanders has been running for president for the last four-ish years straight. In the wake of his closer-than-expected primary loss to Hillary Clinton in 2016, Sanders kept his massive grassroots organization active and made sure anyone and everyone knew that he wasn’t done with this whole...

Clinton spokesman claps back at Buttigieg

A Hillary Clinton spokesman slammed South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Friday for comments he made in January about Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez good or bad for Democrats?

Freshman New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the subject of the cover story of this week’s Time magazine. In the piece about AOC, Joel Benenson, a Democratic pollster who polled for President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, is quoted in the story as casting a somewhat skeptical eye about those

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