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White House insists President Trump reads intelligence

• WH press secretary responds to accusations against Trump
• Hillary Clinton hits Trump’s claims he didn’t receive intel about bounties on US troops
• Advisers alarmed by Trump’s calls with Putin
• Opinion: Trump is facing what he dreads most

Advisers alarmed by Trump's calls with Putin

• Hillary Clinton hits Trump’s claims he didn’t receive intel about bounties on US troops: ‘I would have read my damn briefs
• Opinion: Trump is facing what he dreads most
• Former Intel officials scoff at denials that Trump wasn’t briefed on Russia bounty

Donald Trump's chaos presidency has turned on him

• Analysis: Joe Biden hits a milestone Hillary Clinton never did — 50%
• Trump meets with campaign team as poll numbers fall
• Analysis: Trump’s historically strong with his base — that’s a problem
• Opinion: If only Trump would say these words

Van Jones: It's not the racists we have to worry about

CNN’s Van Jones says that the black community is tired of hearing empty promises of change and that they should be more worried about “the White Liberal Hillary Clinton supporter” than a white racist.

Virginia primary live results

Virginia’s Democratic primary will take place on Super Tuesday. Virginia’s Republican Party canceled its primary, and all delegates are expected to be allocated to Donald Trump. In the 2016 general election, Hillary Clinton won the state with 49.73% of the vote, compared with Trump’s 44.41%. In 2008, Barack Obama became

recent from American Print a Gun From Home…Guarantee Your Second Amendment Rights
Cody Wilson wants you to print a gun from home on a 3-D printer. He then wants everyone to be able to get access to the plans for free.  Wilson is raising funds through the Wiki Weapon Project, hosted by a group that calls itself Defense Distributed. The funds are going to be used to purchase equipment...
recent from Tech Allow remote (RDP) connections to your computer.
Who is it for If you want to connect to your computer using remote desktop protocol (RDP) you need to have one of the following operating systems (home editions will not work) Windows XP Professional Windows Vista Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise edition Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise...