Opinion: These people could make Trump's life miserable

In 2016, Donald Trump did his best to tarnish his opponent Hillary Clinton with an email “scandal” that amounted to nothing. In his 2020 reelection campaign, Trump’s team has worked to conjure a similar cloud of controversy over Joe Biden’s son Hunter, all without producing evidence of

Hillary Clinton opens up about marriage during Lewinsky scandal

Former democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton opens up to Ellen DeGeneres about her marriage to former President Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. CNN’s Poppy Harlow discusses with CNN political commentator Karen Finney.

Analysis: Hillary Clinton is (still) at the center of the Democratic civil war

Hillary Clinton is not running for president in 2020.

Rep. Tlaib boos Hillary Clinton at a Bernie Sanders rally

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) boos at the mention of Hillary Clinton during a campaign rally for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Roll the tape: New comments echo McCarthy on Benghazi

Sen. Joni Ernst’s recent comments about the impact of the impeachment inquiry on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden are reminiscent of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s comments on the impact of the Hillary Clinton Benghazi investigation.

How 'Lock Her Up!' just blew up

• Justice inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s business dealings languishes • FX delays ‘Impeachment’ miniseries in Bill Clinton’s impeachment

Top Facebook exec: Yes, we got Trump elected and it may happen again

A Facebook executive who backed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election campaign told colleagues in an internal memo last month that the platform could ultimately be responsible for President Trump’s reelection.

This is what's freaking Trump out about impeachment

Hillary Clinton’s nearly 66 million votes in the 2016 election weren’t enough to defeat Donald Trump. But just over 0.0001% of that could end Trump’s presidency. That’s the reality of what Trump faces if he is formally impeached by the House of Representatives later this week, as is ex

Sanders responds to Clinton: 'I'm sorry that Hillary Clinton is rerunning 2016'

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday denied an accusation made by Hillary Clinton last week that the Vermont senator’s delayed endorsement in 2016 hurt her Democratic presidential candidacy, saying that he did everything he could to get the former secretary of state elected president.

Analysis: Hillary Clinton destroyed Bernie Sanders in her Howard Stern interview

Out of office and (seemingly) unlikely to ever run for any public office again, Hillary Clinton is throwing off her decades-long guardedness to offer her raw opinions about, well, everything.

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